The Goal Without Plan is Just a Wish

Developing applications on Android Android is, as widely known, a communication system which Google initially developed for mobile devices. Along with mobiles, Android works on many smart devices and it is also free and open source. That’s why it draws

For this reason, Android is the most widely used mobile operating system today. We as Ketencek IT, prefer Android Studio and Eclipse context to develop Android applications.
Android's greatest advantage over IOS apps is that it offers us a large selection of hardware.
For instance, if we want to take an inventory and to perform the entry and exit of the products with barcode reader on online storage rack system and if we want to develop the system, Android can offer us a wide range of possibilities with hardware whereas Apple restricts the developer on IOS supported devices.
Ketencek Information Technologies prefers to develop applications on Android for barcode, storage rack system and stock-taking devices as well as dispatch processes.