The Goal Without Plan is Just a Wish

What is ERP and CRM? What’s Ketencek offering its copartners?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can simply be defined as an efficiency system. It is an integrated management system that allows all large scale and fair-sized companies to use the sources like labor, machinery and material for the production of goods and services in an efficient way.
We can understand the importance of ERPs better, if we think that it comprises all business processes from personnel tracking system to after-sale service.
ERP includes basic modules such as stock, order, import and export, checking account, accounting, check and bill, personnel tracking system, payroll, human resources, incident tracking, barcode system, inventory, POS and etcetera.
Mainly used ERPs in Turkey:
Nebim Winner
Nebim V3

Ketencek IT is having an essential difference from other teams is that it has developed applications not only on one ERP but all ERPs mentioned above. Ketencek continues to provide consultation service to its clients about how to use their ERPs efficiently.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to access all shopping details about your costumers, your shops and your products.
It also makes it possible for you to prepare reports from shopping habits and to develop new sale tactics based on these reports.
CRM is not, as widely known mistakenly, a program or an object. it is a set of conclusions drawn from evaluations of data on your own database.
Today, consumer relations are considered as important as production, cost management or marketing.