The Goal Without Plan is Just a Wish

Indisputable experience and expertise about B2B systems. B2B systems which technically enable online commerce to run require a singular area of expertise in itself. It requires something more than e-commerce infrastructure.

We can say that the structure of B2B is the firm itself. It represents the firm in digital media.


To structure a B2B, the following must be known:

Orders received, Orders given, Stock reservation, The manufacture of product, Bill of materials, Stocks, Sales Price, Purchase Price, Profit margin, Stores, Stock management for stores more than one, Stock level, Negative inventory alerts, Shipping between stores, Track Shelving system, Consignment note, Bill, Checking account and Agreements.

Moreover, B2B is a web platform. It is a Mobile Application Platform. It uses applications that require more expertise and more advanced technology than desktop applications.


Most of B2B projects use large database and are integrated into ERPs. For this reason, it requires a high level of software languages for these systems to work with large database, to integrate and run in a fast and secure way. You can consider B2B as a kind of digital marketing personnel. It works for you 24/7, 365 days a year and you can do marketing all over the world.

B2B is Ketencek Information Technologies’ one of the main areas of expertise. Ketencek succeeded in converting the information it gained from wholesale and retail sectors into software and published the first version of Ketencek B2B in 2011 and it is constantly being developed. Ketencek has recently published its sixth version with new added features.


By way of its own web service, Ketencek B2B can use its own database or if you want, it can be integrated into ERPs and read and write data from the database of most-known ERP products like Logo, Nebim, Winner, Nebim V3, Micro v14, Micro V15, Eta Sql. Ketencek B2B is highly welcomed by its customers.

In this way, Ketencek has proved its superiority on B2B in the market and gained a solid place.